Some of our
completed projects

The project supports on implementation of urban environmental improvement on an integrated basis in the areas including water supply systems expansion, sewerage and drainage, solid waste and urban roads and lanes and auto village in Butwal municipality. Also include community development programs such as awareness-raising on health and hygiene and 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) promotion, skills training, and investment in small-scale community facilities. The consultant has undertaken the design and supervision responsibility. 

Feasibility study and detailed design of Water supply subproject, Integrated Solid waste Management subproject and Auto Village subproject including Community Development Program under Secondary Towns Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project (STIUEIP) funded by ADB as design and supervision consultant (DSC) for Butwal Municipality commencing from 1st November 2011to 31st December 2015. The design phase includes identification of service area; conduct the survey and investigation work required for detail design of various component; Feasibility study of water supply subproject, Prepare economic and financial analysis, setting design criteria; detail design; preparation of working drawings, preparation of bill of quantities (BOQ); preparation of specifications; preparations of tender documents. IEE study of Water supply and Auto village sub-project, EIA of ISWM sub-project, Poverty Mapping, Preparation of GESI action Plan, Prepare community development program, Project Planning and Management Support to the PIU

WATER SUPPLY SUBPROJECT: The major component includes detail design and Construction supervision of WS sub-projects of Mankamnaabd Hill Park scheme. Total HH-4,065, Design Population: 6227, Total Transmission Pipe Line -1.52 Km, Total Distribution Pipe Line-59.27 Km. Underground Reservoirs2 Nos of 450 Cum each at top of Hill, Estimated Project cost NRs. 223,770,971.96 

INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SUBPROJECT: The major component includes detail design and Construction supervision of sanitary landfill site and associated operational facilities, compost plant and Material recovery facility (MRF) facilities, necessary equipment and vehicles. Design work includes design of road infrastructure, River training work, Watershed Management and Environment Protection Work, landscaping work, Facility and service building, Fuel filling station, Electromechanical work, Landfill area development work. Total Population: 118,462 Household 29662, Location of Landfill Site: Bhanbhane basin in Shivapur Community forest, ward number 9 of  Butwal Municipality, Area of Landfill Site-4.84 ha, Average Daily Generation of Solid Waste – 73 TPD, Compost Plant Capacity- 8.6 ton/day, MRF Capacity -11.7 TPD,  Life of SLF Site – 11.8 year, Estimated Project cost: NRs 377,599,020.72

AUTO VILLAGE SUBPROJECT: Baseline study and consultations with auto workshop operators, municipality and other stakeholders identified the shorts of infrastructure services and amenities required, Formulation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for Environmental improvement and operation of Auto village, Preparation of a master plan, detail design and Construction supervision of the subproject component which includes  Water supply component – Total plot-368, One overhead tank of 100cum, Total Distribution Pipe Line-5.05 Km. Drainage and waste Water Management & Treatment System- Combined drainage system for storm water and waste water, Treatment facilities, River protection, Watershed Management and Environment Protection Work, landscaping has designed, Electricity Supply Improvement, Road Improvement, Multipurpose Auto Service Center Building of floor area 2250 Sqm, Fuel station (diesel & Petrol), air pollution measuring center, Public Toilet, Health post & Police Post, Scrape house, Landscaping and greenery work,  Parking facilities, Monument and footpath, Estimated Project cost: NRs 265,382,314

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (CDP): Preparation of Poverty Mapping, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Action Plan and community development program for awareness rising to implement through local NGO

Feasibility Study of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) Center in Different 7 Places of Kathmandu Valley & including 10 Annex-I Municipalities [ChaurjhariRukum, Ghodaghodi Kailali, SainamainaRupandehi, BuddhabhumiNawalparasi, Namobuddha, Kavre, KatariUdayapur, ChhireshornathDoti, Palungtar Gorkha, SuklagandakiPalpa, Nijgadh Bara, MadhyapurThimi Bhaktapur, Mahalaxmi Lalitpur, Changunarayan Bhaktapur, Tokha Kathmandu, Kirtipur Kathmandu, Chandragiri Kathmandu and Gokarneshor Kathmandu.], theContract ID No. SWMTSC/S/ QCBS-II MULTI Donor funded for Waste Management Technical Support Center.

Review available reports and Design standards, Desk study of alignment. Co-ordination and Liaison with other Agencies, particularly with DWSS/SDMS, Collection and review of pertinent reports, maps, drawings and data. Service area demarcation, population and demand calculations. Updating of the existing distribution system using CAD software. Identification of low-pressure area and other problematic areas. Creation of a data base to upgrade rehabilitate, replace or abandon existing pipe lines fittings etc. Development of a Network Model. Analysis of the Network Model for various peak demand factors and also Extended period simulation for Intermittent supply. Design of secondary, Tertiary Mains and House connection detailed. Preparation of the Database of the Rehabilitate Distribution system. Development of Implementation strategy. Water Management During Intermittent supply. Assessment of the groundwater system for construction of new wells. Utilization of New surface water sources. Design treatment plant. Design conjunctive use of water. Detailed engineering survey and design of sewerage system Recommend environmental and disaster prevention measures. Prepare drawings, BOQ’s, Cost Estimate. Prepare detail specification of all required materials and works. Prepare prequalification and tender documents. Reporting.

  • Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design and Study Report of Integrated Water Supply & Waste Water Management Project, Sunuwal Municipality, Nawalparasi: Total Design Population – 31744 , Sewerage Network Length –38 km, Drainage Network Length – 10.82, Project Coverage Area (hector) 214.43, Sewerage Treatment Plant – UASB, Sewerage Pipe Size – 200-1200 mm, Total Project Cost Rs 26,6334,220.93.
  • Detail Engineering Design and Study Report Preparation of Waste Water Management Project, Simikot Bazar Humla (Package -I/073/74)-Total Design Population – 2372, Pipeline Length –97 km, Project Coverage Area (hector) 77.12, Total Project Cost Rs 662,334,966.76
  • Detail Engineering Design and Study Report Preparation of Waste Water Management Project, ManmaKalikot (Package -I/073/74)-Total Design Population – 5852, Pipeline Length –57km, Project